Business Owners Inspired to Use Social Media More Effectively

Social media sites have changed the way that people view the world in many different ways. However, studies show that not all small businesses are using the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as effectively as they should be.

Perth, Australia - October 13, 2017 /PressCable/ —

Social media sites have changed the way that people view the world in many different ways. However, studies show that not all small businesses are using the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as effectively as they should be.

This is why entrepreneurs have today been advised that they should be looking at ways of taking greater advantage of the social media opportunities that are all around them. The widespread appeal of these sites across the world means that it is an approach that any type of company in any industry can try.

Craig Ridley, who is the Founder of YourBusinessCoachingClub, said today that research has shown that many small businesses still rely heavily on classic techniques such as word of mouth marketing to reach new clients. He commented that, “social media offers a more cost effective and highly efficient way of advertising to a wide number of people.”

He stated that figures show that in the UK the majority of small businesses there still fail to use effective social media strategies as much as they could do. The same pattern is then repeated in other countries, with many companies neglecting to consider this as a way of growing their customer base.

Mr Ridley pointed out that there is still scope for entrepreneurs to use social media more extensively. He mentioned that the main aim of doing this is to make a business, “more accessible, better connected and more modern in its outlook.”

YourBusinessCoachingClub is an online business coaching club with an ever-growing range of coaching presentation designed to give entrepreneurs the advice that they need. Another facet of this site is the way that it brings together small business owners from around the world. Joining YourBusinessCoachingClub is a low cost and easy way of expanding an entrepreneur’s knowledge base.

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