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Farmer files lawsuit over hot air balloons scaring livestock

Sep 27, 2017

A New Jersey farmer has filed a lawsuit against the hosts of an annual hot air balloon festival because the balloons are scaring her livestock

AP PHOTOS: Roma celebrate religious feast day in Romania

Sep 27, 2017

Roma families gather at a hillside monastery in southern Romania for their annual celebration of St. Mary, the mother of Jesus

Ethiopia bans weapons at upcoming religious gathering

Sep 24, 2017

Ethiopia has banned weapons at the upcoming Irrecha religious festival in order to avoid the violence that killed several dozen people last year

Bayern forgets Bundesliga troubles with beer at Oktoberfest

Sep 24, 2017

Bayern Munich players forgot about their troubles in the Bundesliga for a few hours with a visit to the traditional Oktoberfest beer festival

Malaysia police say beer festival axed due to security fears

Sep 21, 2017

Malaysian police say an annual beer festival has been axed due to information that militants were planning to sabotage the event

Claire Foy tries the scones at BAFTA's pre-Emmy tea party

Sep 17, 2017

"The Crown" star Claire Foy nibbled on a scone with jam and cream while "Transparent" star Jeffrey Tambor eyed the finger sandwiches, including English cucumber and egg and watercress

Robot conducts tenor Bocelli, orchestra in Pisa

Sep 13, 2017

Tenor Andrea Bocelli has brought down the house at Pisa's Teatro Verdi by performing with an unusal conductor: a robot

Dwarfs meet at festival in South African town

Sep 13, 2017

Dwarfs meet at festival in South African town

Mexico quake hit hard at center of Zapotec 'muxe' culture

Sep 12, 2017

The magnitude 8.1 quake that killed 96 people across Mexico struck hardest in the heartland of Mexico's Zapotec culture

Complaints about festival's cold pizza prompt state inquiry

Sep 12, 2017

Cold pizza, warm wine: Some New York City foodies say a neighborhood pizza festival has left them with a bad taste in their mouths, and prosecutors are investigating

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